Magyar Kozmetikai és Háztartás-vegyipari Szövetség

KOZMOS Position papers

The position papers hereafter reflects the unified legal interpretation of the cosmetic and home care industry, moreover these are guidances relating to industrial application of the legal requirements. However the documents listed here don’t replace or substitute the original legal sources. These documents are available only  in Hungarian.




Aerosols labelling

Safety data sheet

Cosmetic goods

Packaging of cosmetic products

Labelling of cosmetic products

Joint packaging of cosmetics and food

Notification of cosmetic products

Product information of cosmetic products

Labelling of sun protecting products

Application of open jar symbol (PAO) 


Home care products

ADR labelling

Aerosols labelling

Labelling of general home care products

Safety data sheet

Expiration data of home care products

Indication of fragrance on the labell

R and S phrases

Advertisement of dangerous products